Serious Choice to Make: 1500 Ram or ND MX-5?

Every since before I've had a license, I've been a purist; nothing but rear wheel drive cars, and because of budget restraints, inevitably FR platforms. My first car (which is still own) is an E34 525iA, 243k miles on the original motor, original trans, still kickin'. Even the head gasket is original (!) - don't make 'em like they used to. I have been a BMW fanboy since I've been both of fan-age and a boy so, naturally, when I got my first corporate career position, I treated myself to a new daily workhorse, albeit, plenty of workhorses after my baby E34. The new toy is a 2006 325i, premium package, but most importantly, three-pedals and no xDrive.

You, the more fastidious readers, are probably wondering at this point why the shit I'd ever want a Ram, and I'll tell you exactly why: I live in suburban northern New Jersey. That means horrible winters, and with an 11 mile each way commute around a mountain on a 1-lane road, I'm left setting up shop at home during inclement weather. But before you all go up in arms about "driving style" and "snow tires" etc. I have owned my E90 for about 20 months. It was not atrocious in inclement weather, when in fact it was just short of that. I have had a major expense on this car (not covered under my extended warranty) every 6 months. I have hedged this by being a DIYer but enough is enough. I digress, back to the Ram v. Miata dilemma.


So you may be thinking "He's a purist who needs a truck to make it through a winter?!" You'd be partially correct! For those of you saying, "You don't need a Ram for that, there's plenty of other options to make it through the winter for a purist..." let me throw this wrench in your works: I want a Ram. Pretty badly. Sure, I've always been a purist, or at least that's how I've made my vehicle selections, but a good chunk of me actually wants a truck. I've never had anything with a V8 (or a turbo for that matter) and nothing with such a level of practicality that my friends would actually want to call me: on purpose.

But being jalop-blooded, and have 3/3 close friends with NA MX-5s I have an obvious appreciation for the Miata. Sure winters are tough, but hey, no different than my current position, right? ....Right? Aside from the obvious lack of apples to apples we have so far, lets visit a more objective approach before I drown in your subjectivism below...

I can get myself into a Ram 1500 Express, Hemi, 4x4, 8-spd for around $350/month on a 3 year lease. No big deal, right? They take care of my current E90, and toss me a key fob to a red-blooded, Americana, tribute-to-steaks with Bluetooth. The kicker here is we don't have ND MX-5 pricing, or any specs even. Assume its the same price as an NC, $27k, (club, because purist) with a bit of a markup, $30k. Take my E90 as down, I'd be looking at around $450-500/month for the same length to own it.

So what's it going to be?! Lets hear some level-headed jalop answers (LOL!). For what its worth, my original E34 isn't the only car I still own. I also have an AutoX-Dedicated STU 350Z, so I can get the hoon-fix there if need be.

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